Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preschool Science-Humans


5 Senses

Ask children to sit with their heads down and eyes closed. Use an electric popcorn popper to prepare a batch of popcorn. Have students listen to the sounds and describe what they hear. As the smell of the popcorn begins to fill the air, ask students what they smell. When students have identified the smell as popcorn, have them open their eyes. When the popcorn is ready, place some in a small cup for each child. Invite students to touch the popcorn and to describe it. Then have students taste it and describe the taste. Finally, invite students to open their eyes to confirm their predictions. As students eat the popcorn, talk about how they used all five senses to identify and enjoy this snack.

Cleaning Teeth

Draw large tooth shapes on large white paper and laminate and cut out. Use dry-erase markers to scribble on teeth representing plaque, then have children clean off plaque with a tooth brush.

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