Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Activity # 1 (Kindergarten)

“Day and Night”

Monday- Have children Put Glow-n-Dark stars on walls.

Tuesday- Introduce the color yellow and paint the sun and talk about how we cant live on earth without the sun and what it does to help us on Earth.

Wednesday- Have the children bring their flashlights and turn out the lights in your room. Have them make stars and moons on the ceiling.... This is a great time to view your "Glow-n-Dark" stars.

Thursday-Put up a tent in your room and have a pretend camp fire under those "Glow-n-Dark" stars.

Friday- Show and Tell..... Have the children bring something to do with the Stars, Moon, and Sun and have the Science Center set up with many of your Science books and a sensory of powdered sugar to let them feel what the clouds feel like or maybe the Galaxy...and a sensory with some rocks and sand to let the children feel what the moon may feel like.

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