Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Activity # 1 (2nd Grade)

"Metamorphic Rock Pancakes”

1. Griddle or frying pan
2. Spatula
3. Oil
4. Pancake batter
5. Plates and napkins
6. Walnuts,
7. Chocolate chips
8. Marshmallows
9. Raisins

Description: (Teacher will make the pancakes for this age group but students may assisst)
1. Pour the pancake batter on the griddle and be sure to add some raisins.
2. Chocolate chips, walnuts, or marshmallows to the batter.
3. By doing this, the children will get to see how heat is a factor in the metamorphic process. They will get to see how different "materials" melt or do not melt from the heat.

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