Monday, February 23, 2009

Preschool Humans

5 Senses Painting

Materials: Tempera paint in a variety of colors, sand, coffee grounds, spices, crumbled natural items, epson salt, baking soda, liquid starch, salt, corn meal, etc.

Description: Offer painting experiences with paint to which one of the above ingredients has been added to different colors of paint (maybe one thing in each color). Encourage children to use words to describe what they see, feel, and smell.

Measure Me!

Split the children into pairs. Give each child string and scissors. Have one child lie down and let the other measure how tall he is and then cut the string. Latter the children can compare their strings and show them to their families. They can also measure the parts of their body with the string.

When they are finished they can glue it to big paper and measure how long it is. I will label each string as "Joey's Body" Joey's Arm" etc... and we can compare as a class.

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