Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kindergarten PLANTS Activity

Outdoor Plant Exploration Walk

Standards: 11.A.1c Collect data for investigations using measuring instruments and technologies
11.A.1f Compare observations of individual and group results.
12.A.1a Identify and describe the component parts of living things (e.g., birds have feathers; people have bones, blood, hair, skin) and their major functions.

After lessons on the parts of plants (roots, stem, leaves, petals, etc), the class will take a nature walk to explore various plants. Each group (3 at most) will find 3 different plants. They will each sketch the plant in their science journals, identifying and labeling the various parts. The group will then measure the height of each of the three plants and record this information as well. The recorded data will be compared when the students return to class, and a graph can be made of the various plant heights.

Supplies: Science journals

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