Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preschool Chemistry

Activity #1


What you will need:
2 large bowls
2 large chunks of ice
Coarse salt
Chart Paper
Fill the two bins with snow or ice. Ask the children who thinks the ice alone will melt more quickly, and how many children think the ice with the salt will melt more quickly. Document their answers on chart paper. Dump and handful of salt onto the ice in one of the bowls and wait to see what happens.
Document the end result and compare it with the children’s answers.
How does salt make ice melt more quickly? When the ice starts to dissolve it changes the temperature in the ice slightly causing it to start melting faster than ice just sitting on its own.

Activity #2

Read Pancakes by Eric Carle then proceed to have the children help mix up a batch of pancakes. When batter turns into pancakes that is chemistry.

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