Monday, February 23, 2009

Preschool PLANTS!

The Sun Block Experiment:

Nice weather :) a can or lid on top of a green patch of grass outside your school (to keep the can steady put a rock or other heavy object on top).
2.In a few days go with child and lift the can, you will see the patch is losing color. a week it will be very pale

Ask the children why? This is because it could not make food in the dark. It needed sunlight.

* Take away the can and the grass will soon recover.

Act 2

Nature Book

Leaves and flowers
A phone book or another heavy book
Tissue paper or parchment paper
Construction paper
Sheet protectors
3 - ring binder

1.Go for a walk with your class and have them collect attractive leaves and flowers. As your they collect the flowers, point out the different parts—the petals, the anthers (the inside fuzzy looking bits,) the stigma (the vase shaped inside), the stem and any pollen. Point out that flowers start off as buds and over time gradually open into flowers. Teach them that flowers contain the tiny seeds that will grow new plants.
2. After you and your preschooler have collected enough leaves and flowers, you’ll want to press them between two pieces of tissue paper or parchment paper. You can put several leaves and flowers together to use the same piece of tissue paper, but try not to let the flowers and leaves touch.
3. Put your tissue paper between the pages of your heavy book. Leave your book alone for a week to ten days.
4. After a week or ten days, take your tissue paper out of the book. Your flowers and leaves should be perfectly dried out and ready for your greeting cards.
5. Have your preschooler glue the flowers and leaves onto your construction paper. Write down the common names of the plants beneath the pressed flowers and leaves
6. Slide the pages into sheet protectors
7.Arrange the sheet protectors in a 3-ring binder your preschooler has decorated.
8. Have your preschooler continue to add to it.

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