Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Activity #2 (Kindergarten)

“Making Paper”

1. Scrap paper
2. Water
3. Blender,
4. Large mixing bowl
5. Screen

1. Save classroom paper scraps for several days.

2. Set up blender (or can use a food processor)

3. Explain blender safety: a. only an adult can use the blender because of sharp blades.

4. Save students begin to add a few small scraps of paper into the blender pitcher.

5. Add just enough water to thoroughly soak paper.

6. Place lid on the pitcher and begin blending.

7. After a few seconds, check the mixture. Add water and paper as needed.

8. Empty the pulpy mixture into a bowl.

9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 until bowl is nearly full or until each student has had a turn helping create the mixture.

10. Outside, or over a large basin (a water table is ideal!)pour and spread the pulp in the bowl over the screen.

11. Place the screen outside or in a warm, dry area for several hours. (Overnight is best!)

12. After several hours, touch the screen to see if the pulp is dry.

13. When pulp is dry, slowly peel the paper off the screen.

14. Cut the paper into small squares for each student.

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