Wednesday, February 25, 2009


“Growing Mold”

1. Plastic food containers with lids
2. Duct tape
3. Scrap of bread, cheese, lemon or lime (and other food items that the group may want to observe)
4. Chart paper and drawing paper
5. Markers, colored pencils
6. Camera

1. Invite children to share what they know about mold or what they think mold is.

2. Divide them into small groups. Give each group two different types of food items to prepare. Ask them to place one dampened food item (like a piece of bread) in one container and the same food item, not dampened, into another container. Ask children to tape the container lids so that they are airtight, and label the containers to identify the damp and dry food items.

3. Bring the groups together and ask them to predict what will happen to the different food items. Which items do they think will get moldy the fastest? Will wet items develop mold faster than dry items? How many days will it take for the mold to begin to appear on each food item? Record their predictions.

4. Provide time for groups to observe the different foods each day. Assist children in recording their observations by using their calendars, creating observational drawings and photographing the development of mold

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