Sunday, February 22, 2009


What do Salt Trucks Do?


3 Ice Cubes
2 Containers
Iodized salt

What to do
Note: This is a good activity for a snowy morning when children are likely to have noticed salt trucks on their street spreading salt.

  1. Pass one ice cube around the group ask children to tell somthing they know about it. Discuss its temperature, color, slipperiness, melting properties, ect. Mention some of the problems peoplehave when there is ice on the ground (e.g. it's too slippery to walk or drive safely). Ask if the children have noticed salt trucks on the road. Explain that they spread salt to help melt the iceand make the roads safer for cars.
  2. Place two ramaining ice cubes in separate comtainers. Pour a generous amount of salt on one, but not the other. Ask children to perdict what might happen.
  3. Ask children to check the two containers periodically. After an hour or so (the rate of melting depends on many things, including the amount of salt used), reconvene the group. Ask them what hashappened to the ice and if the dalt made a difference.

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