Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Activity #2 (1st Grade)

“Be a Planet”


For each student:
1. drawing paper
2. crayons or markers
For lesson:
1. book with planet pictures
2. flashlight (not necessary)


1. Choose a child to be the Sun. Have them come to the front of the class and hold a flashlight to show she provides light and heat.

2. Another student is chosen to be the planet Mercury, perhaps one whose name begins with "M" to help the children remember the name "Mercury." (If no first names are available, a student may be used whose name contains that letter or one who is wearing a color with the same beginning sound, such a violet for Venus.)

3.Continue choosing one child per planet. Have all the students say the new planet name each time a new student goes to the front of the room. You should end up with a line of 10 students: the Sun and the nine planets, from Mercury through Pluto. See if each of the 10 standing students can remember their planet name.

4.They can sit down. Show the students pictures of the planets. You may want to tell a little about each planet, such as Jupiter is the largest, have many moons and a Red Spot that is three times the size of the Earth. The children can each draw a picture of a planet. Emphasize that they are round. Many have moons and several have rings.

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