Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kindergarten Physics

Marble Race: May the slowest man win!

Poster Board
IDEAS for other things:
Film canisters
Paper towel rolls
Rubber bands
Milk cartons
Masking tape
Index cards
Pipe cleaners
Styrofoam cups
Wooden craft sticks

The purpose of this lesson is to teach kids about a momentum and inertia.

Each team of three children will get a poster board and marbles. The goal will be to keep the marble on the board as long as possible without it stopping.

They will have access to the box of junk and can glue ANYTHING they want on it and make a course for their marbles to travel on. they want to slow their marbles down without stopping it.

So the children will proceed to gluing things on their board. When everyone is done they will all lean their boards against the wall and roll their marbles down it. Whoever marble makes it to the floor last wins!

This will be a fun way to teach them about inertia and momentum

Physics Activity 2: How far can you throw?

all different kinds of balls
bouncy ball
beach ball
basket ball
soccer ball
rubber ball
big balls
little balls


Tell children this is an experiment to see how much force they can put on different types of balls.
I would have them first guess which one they think they can throw the furthest and which ones they think would be hard to throw far. Then each child will throw each ball and mark how far it goes. Then they will will out a chart labeling which balls they through the farthest and ask them to say why they think that is so.

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