Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's Time to Get Organ-Wised 


For younger children, copy the colorful organs onto card stock. Cut out and paste on craft sticks to make organ puppets. Introduce the organs to your students one by one as you read information about them. Pause to ask questions and check comprehension.


Hi, I'm your heart. I'm the size of your fist. Touch your chest and feel me pump the blood through your body. Feel the hard bone that is around me. This protects me inside your chest. Exercise me by running and jumping instead of watching TV or playing video games.


Hi, we're your lungs. We help your body by breathing in oxygen, moving it through your body and letting out carbon dioxide you no longer need. The hard bones in your chest protect us as well as your heart. We like it when you exercise and take in deep breaths. It makes us stronger.


Hi, I'm your stomach. After you chew your food well in your mouth, it's sent down to me. I mix it up with some stomach acid and make it a liquid your body can use as fuel or waste. When something doesn't want to work as a fuel, it might upset me, so you'd better watch out. I might send it back.


Hi, I'm your brain. I work like a computer. I take in information you learn and sort it for you to remember. I have different places to store what you see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Without me the rest of your body cannot work.

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