Sunday, February 22, 2009


Discuss The Three R's:  Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

Let's practice the letter R and learn what the three R's of Earth Day mean:
These are some simple examples that can be discussed:

Recycle:  We should not throw cans, bottles and newspapers into landfills.  These items can be recycled. Don't throw those shoe boxes away -- they can become toy dioramas or doll houses.  Discuss how these items get recycled.

Reuse:  We don't always need a new piece of paper or a new t-shirt.  We can try to reuse what we already have.  We can help keep trash out of the landfills.  How can a piece of paper be reused?  Example:  We can use the comics to use as wrapping paper, print the templates in this web site on the blank/clean side of junk mail or other discarded paper material.  How can a T-shirt be reused - many pieces of fabric from T-shirts can make a great quilt! 

Reduce - Every home can reduce the amount of waste/garbage it produces and the landfills would last years longer.  Composting is one way of reducing -- explain how you can help and/or are helping to reduce.  

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