Sunday, February 22, 2009


Classifying the Five Senses

Health/Body Systems and Senses


In this lesson students are given index cards labeled with the five senses and picture cards with pictures that represent the five senses. The students will sort the picture cards to gain an understanding of the five senses and classifying.


Students will understand the five senses.


1.  Student will be able list the five senses.

2.  Students will correctly match pictures with the senses to which they belong.

Background Information:

This activity is done after previous lessons about the five senses. It can be used as a review of the senses and to introduce classifying.


20 index cards labeled with the senses: See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Touch

4 sets of sense picture cards that are laminated:

Carton of milkCookies
A bookCrayon box
Brown lunch sackBackpack


1. Have students tell you what each bag is for.

2. Tell the class you want them to classify the items. State: Classifying is putting things together that go together.

3. Call on students to tell you which item goes in which bag.

4. When done, take the items out of the each bag, and ask if the item and the bag go together.

5. Review the senses by having students describe how each item looks, and how it might sound, smell, taste and feel.

6. Divide the class into groups.

7. Tell the students to sort picture cards by putting them by the index card with the sense they represent.


1. Check to see if picture cards are under correct sense.

2. Ask students to draw their own pictures that would belong to the senses.

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