Sunday, February 22, 2009


Dinofours My Seeds Won't Grow 

Students will be able to identify what plants need to grow.


  • Book: Dinofours My Seeds Won't Grow
  • clear plastic cups
  • seeds- Lima Beans or marigolds
  • water
  • potting soil


  1. Read and discuss the story including talking about what seeds need to grow and what the one dinofour did that was not fair to his classmate.
  2. Discuss some reasons plants may grow differently. (Lack of rain, too much or not enough sun)
  3. Ask students what they think happens to the seed after it is planted.
  4. Talk about some parts of a plant.
  5. What kind of plants and parts of plants do we eat? Discuss some vegetables like Lima beans and carrots.
  6. Plant a seed (make sure to place more than one seed in a cup)
  7. Place it in the window and check progress each day.

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