Friday, February 13, 2009



Activity #1

What is a seed?

1.Look inside a seed. "You wear a coat to keep you from the cold. Seeds from flowering plants have seed coats to protect them."

2.Soak a lima bean in water over night. Use a hand lens to examine the outside of the seed. Try to peel off the seed covering. Split the seed in halves. Look for the parts showing the chart. Draw the lima bean. Write the names of the parts of the seed.

3.Have children complete a chart of a seed, noting the seed coat, root, leaves, food storage, and embryo

Activity #2

People Need Plants.

1.What benefits do people and animals get from plants? Let the children brainstorm the many
'things' we get from plants. Fibers, food, medicine, wood, fuel, paper, etc.

2. Have the children fold a blank piece of white art paper into eight squares. Let the children illustrate eight different things they know we get from plants.

3. Graph all the items that the children have put on their charts. Tally which items are the most common, unusual, etc.

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